Friday 1 April 2022

Classic Power Tuesday at Eastleigh, 29th March 2022: 56096

56096 delivered 701043 into the Works. This was the first time out for a pair of Meridian Generic UBV's (Universal Barrier Vans), developed in partnership with Dellner, with new UIC numbers for potential running into Europe.

These barriers were Motorail vans, converted in 1998-99 using running gear from much earlier GUV vans. Some of these continue as brake force runners in test train usage.

Passing East Yard.

About to pass under the bridge.

UBV 96605 (96.70 .0096.605-1) Ernest which includes a translator interface to work with the 'Aventra' series.

701043 coupled to the translator.

96603 (96.70.0096.603-6) Oliver.

At the Works, 56096 was later shunting to recover the barriers. These returned as 5Z38 19:30 Eastleigh - Burton.

Further photo coverage: one - two - Flickr for the day