Thursday 9 May 2024

D1015 'Western Champion' and the Swanage Convoy, 8th May 2024

D1015 WESTERN CHAMPION 0Z52 11:10 Kidderminster SVR - Eastleigh Works
D1015 + 20302 + 20311 + 50021 Rodney 0Z53 15:44 Eastleigh Works - Swanage

20311 + 20302 await the shunt.

D1015 making arrival from Kidderminster.

Approaching the Works entrance.

In repose close to the paintshop inside Eastleigh Works.

50021 was only completed to a readiness in the immediate hours, seen here leaving the shed area.

The 20s were coupled to the Western, and were then joined by 50021.

50021+ 20311 + 20302 +D1015 reversing into platform 3. 69007, above the Western, is poorly, and no longer expected at Swaange.

Approaching the Campbell Road bridge ...

.. and towards the airport.

The convoy entering the Totton Loops, for a stop of about 17 minutes. Image by Ian Knight.