Wednesday 15 May 2024

37219 returns from Swanage, Redbridge, 13th May 2024

37219 Jonty Jarvis 8-12-1998 to 18-3-2005 0F75 10:30 Swanage - Redbridge (reverse) -Westbury.. 56096 was then attached at Westbury, and the pair proceeded to the Colwick maintenance depot.

37219 was switched to the down line at Totton, this being bi-directional for access across the causeway to the Redbridge yards. This was used when wagons were stored at Marchwood through weekends. 

Entering the loop at Redbridge.

Now waiting in the siding.

Departure for Westbury.

37219 has now crossed the main line, and starting up the Test Valley towards Romsey and Salisbury.