Sunday 26 May 2024

"The Millbrook Meander", Millbrook to Redbridge, 26th May 2024

50008 Thunderer + 4-TC + 66509 Josiah's Wish 1Z79 09:59 Eastleigh - Weymouth
 - with some help from 08785 at Maritime

50008 works down the reversible Up Fast to access Millbrook Freightliner Terminal. I

The train is next seen deep in the now underutilised terminal. Image by Roger Homan.

The train then worked across the main lines to access the loop line alongside Maritime, as seen from the Dock Gate 20 bridge. Image by Ian Knight.

66509 on the rear of the train. 70005, 66590, 70004 and 70016 lie alongside at Maritime. Image by Ian Knight.

08785 coming on to the train adjacent to Redbridge, which it then hauled one way into the yard. Image by Ian Knight.

Finally, 50008 departs from the Redbridge end ...

... with 66509 on the rear. Images by Ian Knight.