Monday 13 May 2024

Swanage Railway Diesel Gala, 10th May 2024 Part 1: D1015 'WESTERN CHAMPION'

Now powered by two ex-Indian Navy MTU Series 538 engines, a 1969 period development of the Maybach MD655 which originally equipped the Western class.

WESTERN CHAMPION is readied at Swanage for its first turn of the day.

Nameplate and 'Powered by MTU' badge.

D1015 was new from BR Swindon on 21st January 1963, in a golden ochre scheme, and was withdrawn following a derailment on 8th December 1976. After some years at Swindon Works, it was acquired in 1980 by the Diesel Traction Group.

Departing with 1R04 10:39 Swanage - River Frome Viaduct.

Later in the day, at the field near Corfe Castle, with 1R14 1539 Swanage - River Frome Viaduct, but running very late after 50021 failed and disrupted the planned timetable.

A closer view, near to the foot crossing.