Wednesday 3 April 2024

SRPS Diesel Gala, 29th December 2023. Part 2: Around the shed


In the yard near the shed were 37025 and 26024. 37025 was operational for shunting.

The view upon entry to the shed, with 27005 at left, 26038 and 20020.

The rebuild of 27005's cab has resumed.

This end of 26038 appears to have a completed restoration to an Inverness look, although not the earlier cab windows.

The other end of 26038 remains to be finished.

A further view of 26038.

26024 seen from the shed door.

Turning around this is 20020.

A further view of 20020.

From WNXXForum:

37025 is currently undergoing a bogie and wheelset overhaul. The axles arrived back from South Devon a few weeks ago and the bogie frames sent away for painting and welding. We are currently working through all the small bogie bits to assess, clean and paint and hope to have 025 back in service end of 2024 / start of 2025.

Lots happening inside 37261 with the overhauled power unit 50% completed and the electrical cubicle being painstakingly rebuilt to a very high standard.

47643 requires new wheels.

20020 requires engine overhaul.

The restoration of 25235 continues with the brand new settling tanks which are nearly ready to install , whilst the bogie overhaul continues.

27005 is currently having it's no.1 end cab rebuilt.

26024 requires a full overhaul .

37214 scrap.