Wednesday 29 November 2023

Eastleigh Works, 29th November 2023


800209 appears to be close to completion of repairs, and return to LNER.

A wider view of PDTS 811209 of 800209.

08567 and 01508 were shunting 450109 back into the works. The first coach of 450109 is on accommodation bogies.

Mk 2f TSO 6173, bearing evidence of its former DRS usage, although the doors are no longer light blue. Now owned by Eastern Rail Services, and being prepared for Locomotive Services. This coach worked on the Cumbrian Cost and Fife Circle for DRS, and was previously in the Wessex Trains pink liveried set.

Mk 2f TSO 6046 is also receiving similar attention. Another coach which saw service on the Fife Circle in 2019.