Thursday 2 November 2023

Italian interlude, 15th and 17th October 2023


Belgirate is a more minor station on the Milan - Domodossola (onward to Simplon) route. Hitachi 'Caravaggio' ETR521 S1-025, operated by Trenord, makes a stop while heading south to Milan, 15th October.

ETR521 S1-001 arrives with a train heading towards Stresa, the next station, where rail replacement buses were awaiting.

ETR521 S1-021 was in the station at Stresa.

Tuesday 17th October, Stresa to Milano Centrale. This Trenord MDVC driving trailer arrived at Stresa,  heading in the direction of Domodossola.

Power was provided by E464 288.

Seen upon arrival at Milan, ETR 521 S1-033 was new on 14th June 2023.

Stadler FLIRT ETR524 308 of Swiss operator Tilo, heading to Locarno. The train was completed in 2019.

Alstom AGV575 022 "Italo", of open-access operator NTV, alongside a FS ETR500 "Frecciarossa".

Milano Centrale (Ulisse Stacchini, completed 1931) is the largest station in Europe by volume.