Wednesday 29 November 2023

Freight at Eastleigh, 23rd November 2023

66303 arrives to stop with 3F01 12:18 Marchwood - Kineton.

66615 passes with6V62 1321 Up Yard  - Whatley, all wagons being Astra JNAs.

70014 approaches with 4O49 09:36 Basford Hall - Maritime.

66783 The Flying Dustman 4M46 14:24 Western Docks-Trafford Park pauses for a crew change.

After an 8 minute stop, 70014 clags on take-off.

First of class, 70001 PowerHaul arrives with 4S59 1457 Maritime - Coatbridge, which pauses at Basford Hall for over an hour, including a change to electric traction.

After a 7 minute stop, 70001 resumes its northward journey. The up slow through Allbrook to Shawford was operationally blocked, and the train has to await a preceding passenger working.