Sunday 24 November 2019

90 minutes at Aberdour, 21st October 2019

50mm f1.8 photography, a week before the clocks changed.

43032 leads 1H17 17:42 Edinburgh - Inverness.

43149 on the rear of the train. First Great Western blue base paint colours are now no longer active, as all powercars proceed through Brush.

68007 5L70  ecs 18:41 Cardenden - Mossend Down Yard. The other, earlier by 3 minutes, Fife circle locomotive was 68016 with 2K14 18:23 Glenrothes with Thornton - Edinburgh.

DRS TSO coach 6046 (BREL Derby Lot 30860, 1973-74) was in the earlier train. This has been through FM Rail, Cargo-D and HNRC ownership before DRS.

43175 with 43143 hidden on the rear with 1B54 15:54 Inverness - Edinburgh.

1W20 14:00 Kings Cross - Aberdeen will be turned over to Azumas from 25th November. Meantime, 43317 leads the train ... [Update: came off lease on 2nd December]

... with 43306 on the rear.

70801 leads an all PCA rake on 6B32 16:52 Craiginches - Oxwellmains.