Tuesday 26 November 2019

LNER HST rundown: 1E11 07:52 Aberdeen - Kings Cross

1E11 07:52 Aberdeen - Kings Cross is due to convert to Azuma operation from 25th November (probably the 26th to allow for northbound working). Some pictures from the last month, all at Aberdour.

UPDATE: 1W20 of 25th and 1E11 of 26th operated by 800104.

 43314 leads on 5th November.

43312 was on the rear. [Update: this powercar repainted to an original scheme December 2019, then to go to store at Ely]

A frosty morning on 18th November found 43274 leading, still retaining its Spirit of Sunderland name. [Update:to EMR 29th November]

43319 was on the rear - and completed my underlining of all of the LNER power cars for 2019.