Thursday 28 November 2019

LNER HST rundown: 1E15 09:52 Aberdeen - Kings Cross

1E15 09:52 Aberdeen - Kings Cross is to convert to Azuma operation from the 16th December, and should be the last LNER HST scheduled from Aberdeen through  the final week, along with 1W24 northbound arriving from London. [Operated by 43317 + 43290 on 14Dec, and finally 43316 + 43328 on 15th.]

The newly repainted all-red 43238 was seen on the last day of coverage, at the bottom here.

43208 (denamed Lincolnshire Echo) approaches Aberdour in low midday sunshine, on 14th November. [Update: to Ely 13Dec] 43290 was on the rear.

43367 (denamed DELTIC 50) leads at Burntisland on 15th. 43295 was the rear power car. [Update: sent to store with set EC55 on 6th December]

43306 has just passed Aberdour station on 16th. 43251 was on the rear.

43305 was leading into Kinghorn on the 18th, with 43277 on the rear.

43305 leading again, on Thursday 21st November, at Aberdour.

 On the rear was newly repainted all-red 43238, formerly in a NRM scheme. This may prepare it for a vinyl EMR finish?