Saturday 30 November 2019

Eastleigh T&RSMD, 29th November 2019

Hull Trains 802303 arrived on Wednesday 27th, with numbers already applied. 802302 was visible from the Southampton Road car park, but the view was obstructed.

Mk IV DVT 82229 has been prepared in Transport for Wales colours. The DVT and following coaches arrived at Eastleigh on 1st October.

A side view of 82229.

The adjacent FO 11324 was still in a Virgin / LNER scheme. Originally numbered 11253. The next coach was RSB 10328, and it is understood that TSO 12447 and TSOE 12219 follow, these all being formerly in set BN24.

802208 remains visible in the sidings, and 67024 was just visible at the head of the VSOE rake.

800101 is the only LNER Azuma currently present.