Friday 29 November 2019

LNER HST rundown: 1W11 10:00 Kings Cross - Aberdeen

1W11 10:00 Kings Cross - Aberdeen should convert to Azuma operation from 2nd December, along with the return 1E30 18:18 Aberdeen - Leeds.

43277 passes Aberdour on 8th November.

43305 on the rear. [Update:to EMR by early Dec]

The same set was at Inverkeithing on 13th.

Departing for the climb up the bank to Dalgety.

The returning 1E30 to Leeds is seen passing Aberdour on 18th. 43302 World Speed Record - HST leading ....             [Update: 43303 to EMR 29th November]

.... and 43295 on the rear. [Update: 43295 to EMR 6th December]

43239 [to EMR 10Dec] + 43309 [to storage marked for EMR 13Dec]  at Inverkeithing on 19th November.