Tuesday 3 May 2022

Swanage Convoy at Redbridge, 3rd May 2022

31128 + 37703 + 44004 + 46045  0Z45 10:06 Butterley M.R.C. - Swanage

Two Brushes. The convoy is firstly shown passing 47830 at Maritime.

Oldest in the convoy, 31128 CHARYBDIS (D5546, Brush, August 1959, re-engined August 1965) of Nemesis Rail, led the formation.

37703 (also bearing 37067 on this side), was recently sold by DRS to Harry Needle Railroad Company, and some observers advise that it may become a spares source. (D6767, EE Vulcan Foundry, November 1962). Formerly on loan by DRS to the SRPS Diesel Group.

Two images of 44004 GREAT GABLE (D4, BR Derby, September 1959) of the Peak Locomotive Company. An air hose is seen, working its way through D4, which is vacuum braked only.

46045, also of the Peak Locomotive Company, (D182, BR Derby, September 1962). 52A shedplate for Gateshead.

A few moments later, passing through Totton. Image by Ian Kight.

From other photographers: one- Flickr for the day