Sunday 8 May 2022

Swanage Railway Diesel Gala Focus, 6th May 2022: D7612

D7612 was delivered from BR Derby on 23rd April 1966, and was initially allocated to Eastfield, although from 1967 it became, and remained a London Midland Region allocated locomotive. It became 25262 in March 1964, then 25901 in December 1985. The twelfth last Class 25 in service, withdrawn in March 1987, after less than 21 years of working life. It never had a train heat boiler, and it became dual braked in May 1977.

It initially entered preservation at the East Lancashire Railway in 1989, and moved to the South Devon Railway in 1999, under the auspices of South Devon Diesel Traction Ltd.

First marked in my book in 1983.

Approaching Corfe Castle with 2C02 09:15 Swanage - Corfe Castle, passing 31128.

Passing under Townsend Bridge, with 2C08 12:15 Swanage - Corfe Castle.

Later returning, about to pass under Townsend Bridge, with 1R09 13:32 River Frome Viaduct - Swanage.