Saturday 28 May 2022

23rd - 28th May 2022

37688 + 37521 pass Redbridge on the morning of 24th May. Image by Ian Knight.

68016 Fearless + 68018 Vigilant passing Redbridge, on the way to Winfrith, 26th May. Image by Ian Knight.

68016 leads the return past Fremantle. Image by Ian Knight.

68018 on the rear. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 23rd May: 33012 0Z55 1134 Butterley - Swanage one two (encountered GSM-R problem, diverted to Nemesis Rail, Burton); 47749 (+ 360108) 5Q80 09:30 Cricklewood - Eastleigh one two three four
Tuesday 24th May: 47749 (+ 360113) 5Q81 06:30 Eastleigh - Cricklewood one two; 37688 + 37521 1Z68 0726 Weymouth - Crewe one Flickr for the day; 33012 0Z55 12:22 Burton - Swanage one Flickr for the day 
Wednesday 25th May: 47749 (+ 701038) 5Q10 08:59 Worksop - Eastleigh one two three
Thursday 26th May: 68016 + 68018 6Z62 01:03 Crewe - Winfrith one, 6Z95 16:04 Winfrith - Crewe one two Flickr for the day
Friday 27th May:
Saturday 28th May:

08752 arrived at Eastleigh, but problems led to its reported return to Wishaw.

47749 started from Worksop with a 701 as 5Q10 on 25th, but stopped at Kettering, with dragging brakes. It then made its way to Eastleigh, but was failed. A 0Z56 came from Leicester to Kettering on 27th, but no recorded subsequent movement onwards. TOPS suggests that 47749 may now have entered the Works.

Class 701 activity appears to have been stopped, and could be related to a Class 345 incident at Plumstead.

Class 313 may last until January?