Thursday 1 January 2015

SRPS Diesel Gala, 27th December 2014

One of the best gala events yet at Bo'ness

 DCR 31601 (of Railvac fame) and 26038 Tom Clift, The 31 worked north from Derby by ECML on Christmas Eve, then proceeded on the Sunday on a two day route learning run to Aberdeen, Inverness and Carlisle.
 37518 Fort William worked down from its namesake town in the early hours of Saturday, as no snow was forecast.
 37703 placed on loan to the SRPS from DRS.
37703 working the 14:30 to Manuel
55022 Royal Scots Grey
66721 Harry Beck worked in from Craigentinny on Saturday lunchtime, and returned there with 55022 on Monday 29th.

A full set appears on OneDrive.