Wednesday 1 April 2020

Pacers to Eastleigh, 31st March 2020

Wow! I think the first Class 142 units to Eastleigh, although some Class 1436xx units were overhauled there, with 143611 present at the 2009 Works Open Day - one two three.

142089 + 142032 + 142014 5Z43 07:07 Gascoigne Wood - Eastleigh Works, which was 55 minutes early into Salisbury, and passed Romsey 48 minutes early. There was no conflicting SWR service in this hour.

The same three units worked together on 4th January, as 5Z43 09:56 Heaton- Gascoigne Wood, so have remained as a group, and the purpose of their arrival at Eastleigh is not yet known.

Noted passing Crampmoor, on a single daily exercise on foot. Dave Mant earlier took a video of them at West Grimstead, similarly close to his home.

Further coverage on Flickr.

Note: This is real news, and not related to today's date.