Tuesday 31 March 2020

56078 and 56105 stored by Colas

While it can be expected to see a number of locomotives stored serviceable in the forthcoming weeks, it has been reported that 56078 (at Grangemouth) and 56105 (at Cardiff) have been stored by Colas about 30th as a sources of parts. Both had worked in the past 10 days or so. A retrospective look.....

56105 was something of a regular at Bo'ness events, and for a while Colas serviced locos at the SRPS location. Here 56105 makes its first appearance at a summer evening diesel running event, on 24th August 2013, with 26038 at right.

Running around at Bo'ness, 29th December 2013.

Waiting with train at Bo'ness, 27th December 2014.

56078 + 56113 passing Romsey with 6Z31 14:30 Eastleigh - Westbury, 11th January 2014.

The pairing of both 56078 + 56105 approaches Romsey, 0Y68 12:02 Cardiff Canton - Eastleigh, 7th March 2015.

Two images of the pair at Eastleigh, 8th March 2015.

56078 on rear of 3S71 21:20 Shrewsbury Coleham Ss - Shrewsbury Coleham Ss RHTT working at Crewe, 17th October 2018.

56078 was new to traffic from Doncaster on 25th May 1980, and was withdrawn by EWS in April 2004 from Knottingley as surplus to requirements, having paired with 56115 (now in Hungary) on the farewell railtourRepainted in large logo and named Doncaster Enterprise in September 2003. In Fertis service in France from September 2004 and returned to the UK in April 2007. Sold to EMR in December 2011 while at Crewe, and delivered to Kingsbury scrapyard on 20th April 2012seen there in July. Registered to Colas at end of July 2012, removed on 15th August 2012 to Washwood Heath. Stored at Rugby from 4th September 2012, returned to Washwood Heath on 27th October 2012. Test runs by Colas started in December 2013, and the locomotive was back in traffic from 6th January 2014, generally working with another Class 56 in the shake-down period.

56105 was new to traffic from Doncaster on 28th March 1982, withdrawn by EWS in August 2003 at Immingham having reached an engine hours limit at 12445 hours.Sent to Fertis in France on 27th April 2005, and returned on 27th January 2007. Ownership changed to Colas, repaired at Washwood Heath in test early March2013 and returned to traffic on 22nd March 2013.