Sunday 1 March 2020

Entering Eastleigh Works, 27th February 2020

47805 + 47501 passed through the station at about 13:54.

66762 approches with 5Z12 10:56 West Ruislip - Eastleigh, at 14:18.

Following the locomotive was the 4-TC, this is coach 76324, converted in February 1967 from Mk1 TSO 4009 from Lot 30149 (Ashford / Swindon), which entered traffic in May 1956.

'17' Florence Nightingale LT 45029, an LMS inspection saloon of 1942.

On the rear was 12 Sarah Siddons built in 1923 by Metropolitan Vickers at Barrow.

At about 14:45 59003 moved two of these Touax JNA wagons into the works for repairs, GERS 4425 and 4419 (seen closer above). These scrap metal wagons were converted by WH Davis in 2002, using running gear from TEA tanker wagons.

57312 (once 47330) arrived at 17:03 just before sunset, with barrier coaches 5O86 12:00 from Ely. These appear to gave run forward to Leicester on the following day, raising the question as to why they came to Eastleigh.
  • ADB 975875 QSA - originally built as BSK S34643 to Lot 30143 by Charles Roberts of Horbury, entering traffic in January 1955. Withdrawn  April 1981 and converted June 1982 as a barrier coach for Class 508 and 455 stock delivery, temporarily condemned in May 1985, later supporting Class 319 and sporting a NSE scheme from 1988.
  • ADB 977087 QSA - originally built as BSK S34971 to Lot 30229 by Metro-Cammell in February 1957. Withdrawn  April 1981 and converted June 1982, otherwise similar Departmental history to 975875 now its long term pair.
  • 6338 was originally built as BG E81581 by Gloucester RC&W in January 1963, transferred to LMR in July 1966 and upgraded to M92180 (NEA, B4 bogies, 100mph) in November 1983. Withdrawn March 1990 and became a HST barrier coach (HSBV) 6338 in October 1990.
  • 6330 was originally built as Mk2A BFK E14084 to Lot 30786 at BR Derby in August 1968. Transferred to LMR in May 1974 and transferred to Departmental stock as HST barrier coach (HSBV) CDB975629 in May 1977. Renumbered 6330 in April 1990.
6330 and 6338 have recently been used to move GWR HST rakes into storage.

6330, the Mk 2A on the rear of the train.