Saturday 28 March 2020

23rd - 28th March 2020

This was the week where it all changed. Covid-19 means that after Monday, spur of the moment trips to see specific workings, and grouping together at stations, are no longer happening, noting this message from Derbyshire Police. Pictures shared to me here after 23rd were taken on the single permitted exercise per day. There is a possibility that we will not be able to observe and report all of what is going on at the railway.

56091 + 56103 approach Redbridge with 6Z91, 23rd March. Image by Ian Knight.

56103 + 56091 at Nursling, on 24th. Image by Ian Knight.

66550 passes Test Lane with 4O57 13:29 Wentloog - Maritime on 25th. Image by Ian Knight.

56091 + 56103 at Test Lane on 25th. Image by Ian Knight.

Monday 23rd March: 56091 + 56103 6Z91 15:15 Westbury - Up Yard one two three four five six; 66710 + 313121 5Z14 20:25 Hornsey -Eastleigh East Yard (5Z13 earlier in day one two three
Tuesday 24th March: 56091 + 56103 4Z92 07:49 Up Yard - Westbury, 6Z91 15:15 Westbury - Up Yard; 20314 + 20311  + 442401 5Q42 03:10 Ely - Eastleigh one two, 5L47 09:40 Eastleigh - Ely one two three
Wednesday 25th March: 56091 + 56103 4Z92 07:49 Up Yard - Westbury, 6Z91 15:15 Westbury - Up Yard one
Thursday 26th March: 56091 + 56103 4Z92 07:49 Up Yard - Westbury, and then returned to Willesden one
Friday 27th March: 66710 + 313121 5Z23 09:11  Eastleigh - Hornsey one two (and continued further north one)
Saturday 28th March:

Eastleigh Works: 10Mar

Car trains for export from Halewood and Cowley appear to have now paused for the duration, the last running appears to have been a load of Minis on Monday. There have been some further cuts in intermodal services, and 4O90 06:08 from Leeds has not been running.

SWR and GWR effectively taken under DfT control

Southampton Up Loop is once again available.

59003 remains in Eastleigh Works

The Milford embankment slip has been adequately repaired to allow resumption of double track working from Saturday 28th - press release.

"GWR services on Saturday 28 March are planned to run hourly and, as a response to the Prime Minister’s request to carry out only essential travel due to COVID-19, from Sunday 29 March services are planned to run two hourly.
SWR services on the line are expected to commence on Monday 30 March.​"

Platform 5 have suspended their publishing for the time being.