Saturday 7 March 2020

2nd - 7th March 2020

66704 passes Romsey with 6V41 on 3rd.

Monday 2nd March:
Tuesday 3rd March:
Wednesday 4th March: 802219 5X98 08:12 Eastleigh - Acton one two three
Thursday 5th March: 57301 + 442421 (within barriers) 5Q86 11:45 Ely - Eastleigh (442421 said to be for scrap) one two three
Friday 6th March: 66738 + 801214 5X50 00:34 Acton - Eastleigh; 57301 5M59 10:48 Eastleigh - Leicester one two three;  33012 0Z36 11:20 Swanage - Southall one two three; 313121 5Z31 20:57 Eastleigh - Watton-at-Stone (but no progress after Purley) one two
Saturday 7th March: 66093 5X25 02:50 Eastleigh - Swindon (+ 66503 T+T on the tour one two three four)

Eastleigh Works: 05Feb - 06Feb - 07Feb - 11Feb - 13Feb - 14Feb - 18Feb - 19Feb - 24Feb - 25Feb - 26Feb - 28Feb

59003 entered the works, under its own power, on 27th Feb for repairs.

70004 is in the process of being reinstated, but the Freightliner 70s appear to be doing less intermodal work.

Wakefield intermodal trains have been suspended for two months, following changes in the logistics world in the wake of Covid-19. Rotherham traffic is also affected. Freightliner is understood not be running 4O95 12:16 Leeds - Southampton & 4E48 23:30 return. Recent data shows NO2 levels are increasing again now as China returns to work.

Network Rail update on the slip at Milford & press release, which explains that it will only be an interim fix.. Orange army at work on 6th March.