Saturday 4 April 2020

Archive: the Pacers at Eastleigh

Four images kindly supplied by Dave Mant, related to the arrival of the three Pacers at Eastleigh this week. While Dave had seen all of these before, my notes show that 142032 was new to me.

142014 (with 142044) at  Manchester Victoria on  20th August 1987. The original bi-folding doors seen here were replaced in the 1990s due to reliability issues. The long platform to Manchester Exchange is on the right, this viewpoint is now dominated by the Manachester Arena. 142001 to 142014 were delivered in Greater Manchester PTE Orange and Brown livery in 1985.

142032 at Chester on 2nd July 2001.

142089 at Shildon, 12th August 2013. My own picture from October 2018.

143621 passes West Grimstead on the way to Eastleigh for overhaul, 1st April 2009.