Tuesday 14 April 2020

142003 to Eastleigh, 13th April 2020

142003 5Z42 07:27 Gascoigne Wood Sdgs Gbrf - Eastleigh Works Gbrf
 - started 125 min late, but 53 min early at Eastleigh.

Last week's prediction turned out to be correct. It is now reported that 142003 had to be left behind last Monday. Why it and the other units are at Eastleigh remains unclear, 142003 was understood as being preserved by a private individual, and there is even a report that it will be painted into GMPTE orange, but others report that the units at Eastleigh are for spares retrieval and disposal. We shall have to wait and see.

The pictures were taken at a footpath crossing near Crampmoor, on a single daily exercise on foot.

Further pictures from 13th April. Pictures when new in GMPTE orange.