Saturday 4 April 2020

30th March - 4th April 2020

Monday 30th March:
Tuesday 31st March: 313121 5Z14 10:43 Ferme Park to Eastleigh Works (self powered); 142089 + 142032 + 142014 5Z43 07:07 Gascoigne Wood - Eastleigh
Wednesday 1st April: 60028 6Z91 15:38 Westbury - Up Yard 
Thursday 2nd April: 60028 6Z60 07:49 Up Yard - Eastleigh East Yard, 6Z62 10:12 Eastleigh East Yard - Willesden DC Rail one two; 70812 + 56096 + 56090 + 56087 (56s reported as being stored, rumour pointing towards Marchwood) 0Y69 07:15 Barnetby - Eastleigh but cancelled at Westbury, then 70803 replaced 70812 for 0Z32 14:00 Westbuiry - Bristol High Level Siding, and then assigned for 0F84 to Cardiff Canton.
Friday 3rd April:
Saturday 4th April:

Eastleigh Works: 12Mar - 13Mar

The newly arrived Pacers are now understood to be owned by Arlington, with a further three pathed for Monday afternoon, 6th April.. Intriguing!

47812 has been modified at Arlington to be able to haul multiple units without translator coaches, and will be the first of four.

Eastern Docks line has effectively been placed out of use:

A reduction in stone workings is anticipated next week, with further coming after Easter.

Freightliner have stored 66419, 66502, 66512, 66508, 66510,  66518, 66528, 66536, 66540, 66562 and 66593. GBRf has also stored some Class 66 locos.

56078 was reinstated for a forthcoming civil engineering job in Scotland, but note the additional Colas 56 locomotives reported above as being stored.

SWR has taken over the management of Romsey, Mottisfont & Dunbridge and Dean stations.from 1st April.
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