Friday 10 April 2020

Perth, 10th September 1990 (Part 2)

Following on from the recent part 1.

Continuing from the previous part, 37087 backs the stock out of Perth General before heading to Dundee Tay Bridhge, and on to Montrose. I don't have the coach numbers, but my recollection is that at least one was hired back from the SRPS or Caledonian Railway, and carried paper notices to this effect. Related pictures from the previous week: one two three four five .

37708 + 37405 arrive from Inverness with PCA cement empties, likely for Oxwellmains.

37708 was new as D6789, allocated to Gateshead, on 18th January 1963. Renumbered to 37089 in February 1974. Heavy General Overhaul and converted to 37708 in February 1988, transferred to Eastfield, November 1989, then to Immingham April 1981. Stored June 1999, to France August 1999, and returned July 2000. Briefly returned to service October 2002, then stored. Cut up at Booth's March 2008/ Two days before the picture above, 37708 had rescued 'The Clansman'.

37405 Strathclyde Region was new as D6982 on 13th May 1965 to Cardiff Canton., later 37282. Heavy General Overhaul and ETH, renumbered 37405, September 1985, reallocated to Eastfield. Named 11th April 1986 at Glasgow Queen Street. Stored by EWS December 2010, and sold January 2011 to DRS, kept in storage through 2012, ex-works at Barrow Hill in January 2013, returned to usage in August 2013.

West Highland Terrier for an Eastfield allocated freight locomotive,

PCA 10893 was built by Procor about 1982, and remains in service on Scottish cement workings.

156483, was new in March 1989, and remains in traffic with Northern. This was allocated to Neville Hill, and I gave checked the number on two photographs, as its presence in Scotland seems unusual, although it may have arrived at Corkerhill over some diagrams through the G&SW line, and then deployed into Scottish work.

47704 Dunedin arrives with an Inverness bound train.

The locomotive was new as D1937 on 7th April 1966 as D1937, and allocated to Cardiff Canton. Renumbered to 47495 in February 1974. Overhauled at Crewe and converted to 47704 in February 1979. In November 1990 reallocated to Crewe, and joined the Parcels Sector thereafter. It worked Waterloo - West of England services in the period between Class 50 and 159 workings. Withdrawn in May 1997, and sold to Fragonset in December 2001. Cut up at Ron Hull, Rotherham in December 2006.

Earlier in 1990 it received the attentions of the fire brigade at Inverness: one two .

PCA 10743 (BREL Ashford, 1981) is still in traffic.

5188 is a vacuum braked Mk2 TSO built to Lot 30751 at BR Derby, entering traffic in April 1967, transferred to Scotland in 1975, and withdrawn  in April 1988. Now preserved at the Caledonian Railway, Brechin. Adjacent BG (NAV) 80735, new from BRCW in 1955, and withdrawn in November 1988, is similarly preserved at the same railway.

ADE 320692 was originally a LNER Dia 40 BTK built in 1926, with BR number E62540E, later 16175, and by this time was a BTU tool van. Later, Internal User 096060, and was still at Perth until 2000.

To the SRPS at Bo'ness in 2001. The body was broken up, but the underframe went to the NYMR. It has been shortened and now supports ECJS 189, and will run on Fox bogies.

One could not stray far into the carriage sidings on that day as the Royal Train was in the carriage shed, with a presence of the 'polis'.