Monday 19 February 2024

Class 37s at Eastleigh, 18th February 2024


37607 in the yard at Eastleigh. It had arrived on the Saturday morning, 17th February, from Basingstoke on a VST schedule.

The attached  test train was 96609 + 99666 + 72630 + 62384 + 9701.

37607 was new as D6803 from EE Vulcan Foundry, on 9th January 1963, later 37103 and 37511. Sold by DRS to Harry Needle Railroad Company in February 2017.

37409 Loch Awe was partially visible at Eastleigh Works. 37409 was new as D6970 in March 1965 and was later 37270. In 1985 it was converted with ETH to 37409 at Crewe, and sent to Scotland where it operated on the West Highland lines. Eventually EWS stored it serviceable in March 2003, and it was sold to EMR in January 2008. Shortly after it was bought by BRE for preservation and moved by road from Motherwell to SRPS Bo'ness in March 2008. Following BRE's failure, the SRPS attempted to preserve it, but it was sold to DRS and removed to Barrow Hill in September that year, returning to traffic in June 2010 and named Lord Hinton later that year. Sold to Locomotive Services in June 2022. A further example is expected to be turned out in these colours.