Monday 12 February 2024

Miscellany at Eastleigh, 10th February 2024


66553 had arrived with 4O18 04:24 Lawley Street - Maritime, but paused for an hour, seemingly waiting for a driver.

66553 upon its eventual departure.

66015 had been out on engineering workings in the Bramley area.

66780 The Cemex Express on arrival with GBRf flats for weekend storage, 4B46 11:30 Western Docks - East Yard.

66556 0Y86 11:05 Maritime - Eastleigh East Yard passes 66519 4O27 06:49 Basford Hall - Maritime.

Two views of 'Osprey' YKA DB 996665 (GR Turner Lot 3067, 1957-58). 996665 arrived as the sole wagon in 6O41 on the preceding day. The 'Osprey' is based upon a 'Salmon' YWA wagon, a type now declining, but the YKA type with stanchions has not yet been matched by the Wascosa FEA-W variants.