Monday 5 February 2024

Miscellany at Eastleigh, 2nd February 2024


Schweerbau High Speed Milling Machine DR 79604. This had worked forward for re-mounting of its 'bin', at right, which came in on a truck.

66105 in the sidings. On the following morning, this loco appeared to be within a possession at Wokingham.

701510 on a test run 5Q87 10:12 Allbrook - Eastleigh Trsmd.

66002 arrived within 0O41 from Westbury, and then made this shunt move.

701510 out again, 5Q88 13:01 Eastleigh Trsmd - Eastleigh Trsmd

08511 shunting

A number of rail replacement services to Fareham, this neatly finished Alexander Dennis Enviro 400, P9WTL, works for Wheelers Travel, and while I have established that it dates from October 2008, and was re-registered in December, it is unclear so far what its original registration and heritage was..