Sunday 25 February 2024

69010 makes its move, Shawford, 25th February 2024

After 69011 was not moved on Friday 23rd, 69010 was moved to Eastleigh on Sunday 25th as 0Z69 09:00 Derby R.T.C.(Network Rail) - Eastleigh East Yard. Originally scheduled to run via Westbury and Redbridge, it went off-piste from Kingsbury Junction, and arrived via Basingstoke. Expected to enter the paintshop at Eastleigh Works 0Z69 08:51 Eastleigh East Yard - Eastleigh Works Gbrf on 26th. It then dodged the paintshop, with 69005 entering the Works, and 69010 was allocated 5Q24 11:19 Eastleigh - Derby, but this was cancelled and then appears to have worked 0Z24 11:19 Eastleigh - Leicester.

Two pictures when approaching Shawford.