Thursday 26 October 2023

South Tynedale Railway, 8th October 2023, Part 1: The trains

A return visit to the South Tynedale Railway.

Barber arriving at Alston with the empty coaching stock. The signal box structure came from Ainderby Steeple, in Wensleydale.

Barber, a former Harrogate Gas Works locomotive (T Green & Son 441/1908), has been through a height transformation since my previous visit in 2015

Barber running around at Slaggyford.

22 Newcastle, one of a pair of battery-electric locomotives, the other being Carlisle. Built by Clayton for Metronet Rail / Transport for London, and rebuilt at the Statfold Barn Railway.

All other locomotives, and most coaching stock, appeared to be sensibly stored in the extensive sheds.