Saturday 21 October 2023

Caledonian Railway Diesel Gala, 4th August 2023 Part 5: In the sheds

A look into and around the sheds at Bridge of Dun - which has been badly flooded in the week of publication - an update from the Caledonian Railway Diesel Group.

First thing in the morning, 20166 lies at the left, and D3059 (08046) was inside the smaller shed door.

D5301 (26001) lay in the shed. and I believe that 26035 lay behind it.

The doors to the new longer shed were closed by mid-morning. This shed is too long to see to the back, where some Class 20s lie. Visible here are D9553 / 54,  Ruston 458957 of 1961, and  12093, which was reported as working brake van rides on the following day.

D3059 (08046) and D5314 (26014) outside of the shed.

25083 lies inside the shed door.

Another angle on 25083.

25072, what I believe is the remains of 27007, ex-Mid-Hants Railway; 37097, currently under repair; and 26001 again.

"Mavis of the Ffarguhar Quarry Co Ltd". Yorkshire Engine 2684 of 1958, latterly Workington Dock 212, also pictured loaded fir shipment to Brechin.

211 Rolls, Yorkshire Engine 2628 of 1956, latterly Workington Dock 211.