Thursday 12 October 2023

Caledonian Railway Diesel Gala, 4th August 2023 Part 4: 20166

20166 is but a mere child, introduced new to traffic as D8166 in November 1966, allocated to D16 Nottingham Division of the LMR. Renumbered to 20166 in April 1974. Withdrawn in 1991, the locomotive originally went to the Bodmin & Wenford Railway, arriving there in 1993, and then hired by RFS for Channel Tunnel construction, as '2015', returning to the Bodmin line. Sold to HNRC in 2008, this locomotive only worked on the Wensleydale Railway, where it was repainted in orange, until bought by a Caledonian Railway member in February 2023.

Ready to come onto a train at Bridge of Dun.

Backed onto the train and ready to lead to Brechin.

Running around at Brechin.

Making another arrival at Brechin.

Followed by a run around.

Running through Bridge of Dun to join the back of the last train of the day.