Tuesday 17 October 2023

Aln Valley Railway, 2nd September 2023


A visit to the Aln Valley Railway, where I took the train one way from Lionheart Station, Alnwick, down the line to Greenrigg Halt, which is well on the way towards Alnmouth Junction, and then walked back on the trackside path.

NCB Durham Area No. 60 (Hunslet 3686/1948)) arrives at Lionheart from Greenrigg. This Austerity tank ran on the Strathspey Railway, but is now too small for most trains on that line. I previously had a run behind it there in 1982. The footbridge replicates aspects of North Eastern Railway design.

No. 60 running around at Lionheart.

Class 11 12088 Shirley (BR Derby, 1951). NER 41 Six-wheel NER Officers' Saloon, built 1896 

No. 60 running around at Greenrigg.

Back on the train at Greenrigg.

144004 and 144016 at Alnwick. 

No. 60 crossing Cawledge Viaduct.