Sunday 21 November 2021

Eastleigh Works, 20th November 2021


73212 Fiona was brought over from St Leonards on 19th, the most likely reason is wheelset repairs. The blue 08 seems to be a new arrival, not yet identifiable. Answers on a postcard, please. UPDATE, with thanks to Joe L, it is 08954, which arrived on 22nd June from Longsight for repairs.

33.80.4647.007-0 IGA Cargowaggon built by Waggon Union, Germany in 1983 (foreground). This was in usage for rail exports from Scunthorpe.
68504 - last noted out in December 2019
57302 in storage. The DRS tender list closed on 11th November.
442412 - 4 coaches minus MBS

769928 appears to have acquired an upper marker light, when compared with 12th October.

Balfour Beatty FEA-D 640573 is essentially an intermodal spine wagon, built by Wagony Swidnicaa in Poland in 2003-04. It has a pair 640574, and these have been used as sleeper carriers in a track renewal train. TIPH 78254, a 'TPA' (officially a TDA) lies behind.

142003 has been rubbed down since last winter, but protective plastic has gone. A magazine reported that 142003 + 142007 have been sold to Locomotive Services, 142032 + 142089 have been stripped and await disposal, and 142014 + 142056 could be considered for sale. Class 360 coaches lie behind.

701031 (delivered 7th May), 701023 (29th March) and 701028 (28th April). Now a serious underutilisation of resources.