Monday 22 November 2021

Romsey, 19th November 2021


DR98963 as VST 07:00 Totton Yard - Totton Yard, which appears to have mainly run between Totton and Salisbury.

66725 SUNDERLAND + 70816 0O41 10:14 Westbury - Eastleigh.

70816 on the rear. Later in the day it worked to Hinksey, then on to Bescot, returning via Hinksey to Eastleigh on Saturday.

66536 + 66523 0O45 10:07 Westbury - Maritime, which ran after 0O41. 66536 worked on to Eastleigh Yard and was at Yeovil on Saturday.

66523 worked on to Eastleigh Yard, and was at Hoo on Saturday.