Saturday 20 November 2021

15th - 20th November 2021


Still in blue, 166203 passes Dunbridge. 18th November.

Monday 15th November:
Tuesday 16th November:
Wednesday 17th November:
Operational chaos with rail conditions in Salisbury area, 40 mph limits west of Dean, no Romsey circle trains, and other disruption, all day.
Thursday 18th November: 43274 + 43290 1X23 15:13 Salisbury - Southampton UGL - Salisbury one two (and earlier three)
Friday 19th November:
Saturday 20th November:
67013 1Z16 06:00 Eastleigh - Westbury - Harrogate - Leeds one two Flickr for the day, 1Z18 15:39 Leeds - Harrogate - Westbury - Eastleigh; 57313 + 57601 1Z57 07:37 Leeds - Winchester, 5Z57 13:44 Winchester - Eastleigh, 5Z58 16:37 Eastleigh - Winchester, 1Z59 17:10 Winchester - Leeds

Salisbury Tunnel was available for some freight on Monday 15th, prior to normal usage from Tuesday. The first freight was the Fareham stone empties 7V16 12:56 Fareham - Whatley operated by 66616 (seen outward routed via Swindon).

153385, configured for Network Rail test usage, at rest in Eastleigh one two three

Wascosa wagons for Network Rail, as delivered to Eastleigh: image from Germany (shows coded as JNA) - about Wascosa - 50 'big box' wagons covered in this 2020 press release, where the 260 'Falcon' wagons will be MLAs. These will replace 'Coalfish' MHA and MPA wagons.

Loram to repurpose at least 250 wagons for Network Rail These are the MRA Bogie Side Tippling Ballast Wagons, often seen at Eastleigh, and the tippling function will be removed.