Saturday 6 November 2021

1st - 6th November 2021

69003 + 69002 arriving at Eastleigh, 5th November. Image by Ian Knight.

69002 at platform 3 at Eastleigh, having completed delivery of 69003 into the works. Image by Ian Knight.

At Salisbury, the second coach of 159102 has been lifted on Friday, and the third coach, which is the rear coach of 158763, is reported as ready for lifting on Saturday. 59003 continues to pull. It is hoped to remove all of the coaches before Monday. Via Network Rail Wessex and the Salisbury Journal.

Away from Salisbury:

Monday 1st November:
Tuesday 2nd November:
Wednesday 3rd November:
Thursday 4th November:
Friday 5th November:
69002 + 69003 0Z68 09:20 Tonbridge - Havant - Fareham - Eastleigh one two three four
Saturday 6th November: 35028 1Z35 11:44 Victoria  - Havant - Eastleigh - Basingstoke one two three four five

Following a severe wheel flat, 73966 was recovered from Stirling - Mossend at 10 mph one two, then is expected to move by road to Eastleigh.

Isle of Wight resumption of service:
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