Monday 29 November 2021

37510 collects 360107 from Eastleigh Works, 27th November 2021

37510 + 360107 5Q63 11:15 Eastleigh - Cricklewood.

Departing from the Works.

37510 Orion was delivered from Vulcan Foundry, as D6812, on 13th February 1963. Renumbered 37112 in February 1974. Heavy General Overhaul at Crewe February to June 1986, emerging as 37510 later running in Intercity Swallow colours. Withdrawn in June 1999, and was in France from August 1999 to October 2000. Sold to Harry Needle in May 2003, who overhauled it fror DRS at Barrow Hill, re-entering traffic in 2006. Stored again at Barrow Hill from March 2012, until sold to Europhoenix in 2016, returning to traffic with Rail Operations Group in January 2020.

360107 was originally delivered from Siemens in February 2003 and is part of the Desiro family.