Wednesday 13 October 2021

Eastleigh Works and T&RSMD, 12th October 2021

769928 arrived on 29th September.

442412 is the last MBS-less set remaining at the works. TEA wagon GERS 89014 is one of four in a line.

57302 Chad Varah remains in storage in the works, having arrived in December 2017.

59003 is back on the works as a black sheep.

62682 of 317722, which has otherwise been scrapped. This coach has ac traction equipment.

57002 Rail Express in the doors of the works, having arrived on 20th September. It is in to swap bogies with 57303.

08507 came to move 57002, but it pushed it further into the works.

Repainted 41183 for Locomotive Services, and 701025 receiving remedial attention. The scaffolding is used for overhaul of TEA wagons.

701032, 701019 and 701022 in the T&RSMD area.