Thursday 14 October 2021

Fife Circle coaches for Network Rail

On 26th August, there was a 5V22 08:55 Motherwell Tmd (Drs) to Canton Sidings , where 37716 hauled Mk2f TSO coaches 5971, 6001, 6117, 6122, 5995 and 6008 for delivery from DRS to Network Rail for test train usage. These coaches are fitted with retention tank toilets, and are expected to replace those currently hired by Network Rail from ERS.

All pictures at Aberdour on the Fife Circle, unless shown.

All of these coaches were built to Lot 30860 in 1973-74. Before DRS these were in the Cargo-D fleet.

5971, 29th August 2019. Earlier seen on the Cumbrian Coast on 17th October 2016.

6001, 15th April 2015.

6117, 18th April 2019. This coach once ran in the Wessex Trains pink set.

6122, 17th April 2019.

5995, at Workington, 17th October 2016.

6008, 29th August 2019.