Saturday 16 October 2021

11th - 16th October 2021

Monday 11th October:
Tuesday 12th October:
Wednesday 13th October:
43468 in base for H+H / RailAdventure outside at Eastleigh Works
Thursday 14th October:
Friday 15th October: 769946 5Q09 13:18 Oxford - Eastleigh one, 769959 5Q10 15:45 Eastleigh - Reading
Saturday 16th October: 37419 + 57303 + 57002 0Z57 10:00 Eastleigh - Willesden Brent one two three four five six seven

is within the Eastleigh Works compound

Class 442: It seems that all four remaining coaches of 442412, and also some TS vehicles from units recently noted in the scrap line, are being retained meantime in Arlington ownership.

H+H RailAdventure power cars at Munich on 5th October: one two three four

Container ports crisis now in mainstream media - Southampton Container Port Status

Elsewhere, Freightliner are parking all of their Class 90 fleet, and DRS the Class 88, in response to energy pricing. A position from the RMT, and from The Railfreight Group.