Wednesday 13 June 2018

Friday evening at Eastleigh, 8th June 2018: In the yards

DRP 81517 is a YOB 12 tonne diesel hydraulic crane, built by Plasser & Theurer (number 5515 of 1980)

967608 is YQA "Super Tench" wagon, rebuilt at BREL Shildon as part of Lot 4012 in 1981-82. 

The Severn Valley Railway has recently acquired two similar YQA "Parr"wagons, and have a historical note on them, going back to when BR Derby built  these Bogie Rail Carriers, later TOPS code BRV, in the early 1960s.

112002 is an OCA built at BREL Shildon in 1981, originally for use on Speedlink services.

70815 brings RAILVAC3 99.70.9515.003-0 out from the yard.

The Railvac  RAUK-3, previously noted passing Romsey in February 2015.

YKA wagon 996562, originally built by Tees-side Bridge & Engineering to Lot 3065 in 1958, later rebuilt by Marcroft or DBS in 2009.