Saturday 23 June 2018

18th - 23rd June 2018

66118 comes onto Eastleigh T&RSMD, from Eastern Docks, 20th June.

Monday 18th June: 66133 5Z54 13:04 Bristol - Eastleigh
Tuesday 19th June:
Wednesday 20th June: 73962 + 73963 + 4TC 5Z74 17:40 Worcester - Salisbury - Romsey -Eastleigh one two three four five (after a failure on return from Long Marston, 73962 received damage to relay, 4TC had wheel flats, door problem and ETS problem - which blew the relay)
Thursday 21st June: 73962 + 73963 T+T (4 car Mk1 set) 5Z73 04:50 Eastleigh - Paddington one, 5Z43 17:58 Paddington - Eastleigh one two
Friday 22nd June:
Saturday 23rd June:

70007 appears to have been towed to Leeds on Monday night, and re-entered traffic on Thursday. There are six Freightliner Class 70 in traffic.

Anger as half-mile long freight trains to be driven through Southampton - after extension plans get green light

Daily Echo, 21st  June