Saturday 2 June 2018

Eastleigh Works, 31st May 2018

57003 has just been reinstated, but no signs of immediate change. 66784 is the former 66081, which has been repainted for GBRf but is receiving further mechanical attention at the works before returning to traffic. It arrived on the works on 14th February. The Köf II 323 539-7 of 1952 has been repaired ahead of the BLS tour on 2nd June - this is the most travelled locomotive on site, having worked on Balfour Beatty projects at the Channel Tunnel and Hong Kong Metro.

A closer detail of 57003.

Freightliner 66557 was unusually in the works - it seems to have been stopped at Southampton since 19th May, when it appears to have failed in the Oxford area. (Update: traction motor change)

313121 in storage in the works. Originally 313021 delivered from BREL York in July 1976, renumbered in December 1997, transferred to Network Rail use in January 2013 for ERTMS tests on the Hertford Loop, now demonstrated in production.

London Underground engineers stock SB (specialist ballast) 269 is removed from the works, heading back to the London area. 60 of these 34 tonne 'Turbot' ballast wagons were prepared in 1995 for London, taken from BR YCV stock already rebuilt at BREL sites from 1982-88, the underframes originating from bolster wagons built in 1961-62.  Examples of the group have been at the works throughout 2018, it appears some have been scrapped, but others now overhauled, including 269