Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Two Class 33s, 8th July 2017

It is remarkable to think that it is now 30 years since the Class 33 run down on the Cardiff - Portsmouth services.

33053 was new as D6571 from BRCW on 14th October 1961, renumbered to 33053 in Janaury 1974. Withdrawn on 17th February 1997. Initially restored in preservation at Barrow Hill, the locomotive has been maintained at Shackerstone while working mostly on the Mid-Hants,

33207 Jim Martin of West Coast Railway Company, about to be detached from a train at Eastleigh. New as D6592 from BRCW in March 1962, renumbered to 33207 in February 1974. After withdrawal in February 1997 and disposal by EWS, this locomotive went to HNRC, who sold it to DRS in December 2000, following an overhaul at Fragonset in Derby, completed in May 2001. Repaired at Crewe LNWR in June 2003 before sale to West Coast in September 2005