Saturday, 15 July 2017

Class 707 under test, 13th - 14th July 2017

Siemens Class 707 units are currently on mileage accumulation turns between Clapham and Bournemouth, 707003 + 707005 appeared to be allocated to these turns in the past week.

At the same time there is continuing uncertainty about whether  these units will be used by the new South Western Railway, even for an interim period to 2019, or if the 25kV option will be used to send them elsewhere - possibly to serve Corby. Roger Ford wrote a relevant commentary in April, where he explained that lease charges for the 707s were expensive.     UPDATE: Corby electrification cancelled.

From The Railway Magazine. One discussion (from 1st July) and another (from late June)

The huge question is as to who will bear the inevitable financial losses for this situation - and it feels as if the answer will likely be the taxpayer.

Further pictures from this week: 707003 - 707005

5Q81 18:30 Bournemouth T&R.S.M.D to Clapham Yard Sidings, at Eastleigh, 13th July.

5Q80 13:04 Clapham Yard Sidings to Bournemouth T&R.S.M.D at Millbrook. Friday 14th.

Waiting just beyond Millbrook on the down slow.