Friday, 7 July 2017

June Friday Evening Freight at Eastleigh, 30th June 2017 - 3: Long Welded Rail Train

Further to my recent review of the Long Welded Rail Train on 8th June, here is another one in further close up.

Yard shunter 66117 positions a Long Welded Train from the East Yard to the sidings adjacent to the virtual quarry.

Two numbers to note here! YEA DB 979607 is a  Cowans Boyd LWRT gantry wagon, built by BREL between 1982 - 85. It acts as a host for the gantry unit itself. 

The gantry unit also has a number, in this case DR 89112, a Plasser & Theurer gantry unit (52825/1985 - originally hosted on DB 979612). I have a note saying that I saw 89112 on 23rd December 1987 at Oxford

Another view of DR 89112.

In this train the flat power wagon YXA was DR 89005 (34973/1985).

The YEA PORPOISE chute wagon at the other end was DR 979515. The chute itself may be DR89215 (52850/1985) but I see no evidence of a number.

Colas Rail later worked this train to Hoo.