Sunday, 16 July 2017

Eastleigh Works, 13th July 2017

57307 Lady Penelope arrived light engine from Crewe on Wednesday 12th. Replacement of the 20 years vinyls? Originally D1901 delivered from Brush 20th September 1965 to 86A Cardiff Canton. Renumbered 47225 in March 1974 and latterly after service with Freightliner rebuilt to 57307 in September 2003. Previously received attention at Eastleigh in December 2012 - January 2013.

57301 and 57303 are parked up, having brought in the Northern Belle stock, which appears to be within the works. 47810 is the very obscured locomotive in the background.

57301 Goliath was originally D1653 delivered from BR Crewe on 16th January 1965 to 86A Cardiff Canton. Renumbered 47069 in January 1974, then overhauled and converted to ETH 47638 in February 1986, and 47845 in November 1989. Converted to 57301 in July 2002.

57303 Pride of Carlisle recently spent some time at Eastleigh Works - from January to April, and its history is in my earlier item.

9703 leads a test train with 37421 on the rear. 9703 was originally Mk2F BSO 9517 completed at Derby to Lot 30861 in June 1974. Converted to DBSO for Edinburgh - Glasgow services in June 1979, and taken into departmental use in February 2007 as a DTC.